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Scallop Hem JSK Commission

I recently had the pleasure of doing a commission for a very lovely girl. She contacted me through Etsy conversations, and had a pretty specific design in mind. I was thrilled to accommodate her! Maybe it’s the sewing nerd in me, but I always get very excited when I’m presented with a challenge to make my client’s dream dress come to life.

Black Scallop JSK - Commission - Wendy Liu-1Black Scallop JSK - Commission - Wendy Liu-5

The specifications were to make the dress a bit shorter than the typical Lolita skirt length, which is anywhere from 19.5” – 24” (give or take, there’s no official “rule”). We opted for 16.5”. She wanted it to be completely black, with a scalloped hem on the skirt, with a tier of white ruffles peeking out from underneath the hem. Originally, she had wanted it to be just a “plain” jumpskirt, but after thinking about it, I needed to make it a least a tiny bit more interesting in the front. So I drafted a little pintuck panel for the center front bodice, and made some big 1” buttons for decoration.

Credit to Akia-Nyan on Zerochan.comWhat I didn’t realize was that this was meant to be a cosplay dress for Rawberry from The Gray Garden! Amazingly, it still came out pretty darn close. Had I know that it was to be a cosplay outfit, I wouldn’t have suggested to put the front panel buttons on, and maybe I would have done something different for the collar, which I think is supposed to have a little bat on it.

In any case, it turned out pretty nicely, and my client was thrilled to have it.

More pictures!

Black Scallop JSK - Commission - Wendy Liu-4.Black Scallop JSK - Commission - Wendy Liu-2Black Scallop JSK - Commission - Wendy Liu-3

Here’s something I’m very proud of – the lining of a dress with an invisible zipper. I finally learned how to do this the same way that brand manufacturers do! It was quite a puzzle to work out but I did it.

Scallop JSK Commission-2Scallop JSK Commission-5Scallop JSK Commission-8Scallop JSK Commission-7

Another one of my favorite things to do! Sewing on my label. :)

Scallop JSK Commission-4

And packaging it all nice and pretty for shipment!

Scallop JSK Commission-10

My client’s review –

This was my first time purchasing a custom garment and I am delighted with the results. The completed dress was exactly what I had envisioned and it fits like a dream! Carol was incredibly sweet & helpful throughout the entire process, and always went out of her way to make sure I was happy with every aspect of my commission. She is talented, kind, and professional, and I would go straight to her again for any future commissions. :)

The process

I wanted a dress to cosplay Rawberry, a character from the game The Gray Garden. The outfit can look a bit ita, so I was looking for someone experienced with lolita style. I came to Carol, because of the beautiful high quality handmade dresses I saw in her Etsy shop.

I messaged Carol on Etsy about what I was looking for, and she sent me her suggestions for materials & patterns, and showed me a selection of lace trims I could choose from. The main feature I was hoping for was the scalloped hem, and I am so so delighted she was able to make it for me!! It came out super cute!

As she was working on the dress, she kept me updated on her progress and checked everything with me before proceeding. She also made suggestions, such as a decorative front panel with buttons (and made the buttons herself!!) and creating pintucks to slightly shorten the skirt as per my initial request. I love the way both of these turned out, and I don’t think the dress would have been as beautiful as it is without her suggestions.

The completed dress

The construction of the dress was flawless. Every seam was tiny and neat, the top stitches were the exact same distance from the edge, and there were no loose threads. I’m not a seamstress, but I can tell this takes so much skill and care! Carol also made a shirred back, waist ribbons in the back, and adjustable strap lengths.

Because Carol was able to make exactly the dress I wanted, with such great quality, I thought the price I paid was very reasonable. She was kind enough to set up a payment plan for me as well. I am a very happy customer. I would gladly commission her again and I cannot recommend her more.


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