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I <3 Fabric

Blog 163I cannot tell you how many countless hours I spend looking through fabric collections online and dreaming of all the pretty dresses I can make out of everything. One of my favorite places to browse fabric is They’re a bit pricey, but I’ve ordered from them before, and the textile companies they use tend to be of very high quality. It’s usually true that you get what you pay for. I still have some Yuwa fabric sitting in a box, just waiting for the perfect dress design I can make out of it.

Shabby Fabrics, in addition to their own exclusively printed fabric designs, also order their stock from major textile companies such as Michael Miller, Timeless Treasures, Clothworks, Robert Kaufman, and even Lecien. If I’m purchasing small quantities, like 3 – 6 yards, I’d buy from a retail shop such as them. Sometimes I just buy small quantities from shops and hoard like the little fabric hoarder I am. Here’s a small sampling of my current collection:

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These are two of my favorite prints that I currently have uncut in a box. I’ve kept thinking of what beautiful dresses I could make out of them, and never am satisfied enough with a final design to cut into this fabric. It’s just fabric, for goodness sake! But . . . it’s so pretty! Pretty sure it’s out of print now, too.

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I bought the unicorn fabric (Homecraft Co LDT – Made in Japan) from a guy who was briefly working as a shopping service while he was visiting Japan. I asked him to go to Tomato, a famous chain of fabric stores in Japan. I didn’t get to go when I was in Japan because the ONE day I made the effort to go to the fabric district of Tokyo was, of course, a holiday, and so they were closed. And I was sad. I *was* able to get other fabric from one of the few fabric stores that was open that day, however. More of that below.

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The rosy ribbons fabric is Cosmo Textiles, another favorite of mine. Below are the three Cosmo fabrics I managed to find during my visit to Japan in 2012. I snagged four meters each of them. All of these fabrics are available for commissioned projects, by the way. ;)

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More out of print fabric by Lecien:

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Sometimes when I go to Walmart, of all place, I end up finding some nice fabrics as well! Sometimes in the discount bin, even. Okay, so the Strawberry Shortcake fabric was an impulse buy. But I’m sure there’s some little girl out there who just waiting to break into Lolita who might want a cute little skirt with Strawberry Shortcake on it. Right? Right?!

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Different Quilt Shop finds:

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Thrift Store!

Amazingly I found a good amount of this soft pink ribbed knit fabric! This is perfect for a cardigan or bolero that I have many patterns for in my Otome no Sewing books.

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I love shopping this website. They have a huge selection of really high quality apparel fabrics, so I’m not just using cotton novelty prints from the quilt sections. The embroidered crinkle cotton has been on my mind for months now. I have a lovely blouse in mind for that one. The light plum sateen with hearts and clocks is no longer available. I made an adorable jumpskirt already with what I have. Luckily I ordered 6 yards of it, so I certainly have enough for another jumpskirt or two.

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My own Lecien collection:

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And finally my basic black and whites. These are high quality linings, but I’ve actually made some really lovely blouses out of them as well. They have a very soft hand and are so versatile. I also have 15+ yards of each!

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Long sleeve, long cuff blouse - black-1Pintuck Blouse 1 - Short Sleeve-1



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